Welcome to Mothers on the Frontline!

Our goal is to provide a platform for those mothering children with mental health challenges to share their stories. We believe these stories have the power to bring about positive change by

  • Providing insight into the intersections of mental health and other parts of a child’s and family’s life not visible to professionals, policy makers and the public
  • Help break down the current fragmentation and lack of services preventing children and families with mental health needs from getting help
  • Reduce the stigmas and lack of information that often prevent families from seeking help for their children in the first place.


We welcome participation from all who identify as mothering children with mental health needs, whether or not a mental health condition is the child’s primary diagnosis and regardless of the gender identity or biological relationship of the person doing the mothering. If you are or have been the central caregiver of a child with special needs with mental health challenges, we want to hear from you!


We Believe:

  • Those navigating children’s mental health challenges are on the frontline of our most intractable social problems, from epidemic youth suicide to the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • There is nothing stronger than one’s love for their child.
  • A mothering voice has the power to calm, to heal, and to build community.
  • Because central caregivers of children with mental health challenges must navigate broken and disconnected systems to meet their child’s needs, they have unique and critical insight into those systems.
  • By bringing our most personal and critical experiences into the light, we can reduce stigma, increase understanding, and help policy makers solve real unmet needs of American families.
  • And perhaps most fundamentally, we best take care of our loved ones when we engage in self-care. We hope this platform builds community that honors mothering and provides safe space and encouragement for self-care.


It is simple really. We are all in this together. We all benefit when all children thrive. Those mothering children are the linchpin to our wellbeing as a society.

Share your Story!

Write a guest blog or participate in one of our Podcast Series:

Just Ask Mom – Mothers of children with mental health needs share their experience and wisdom.

Ask the Advocate – Caregivers share their stories about becoming advocates for children’s mental health. Coming in 2018.

Frank Conversations – People share intimate conversations with loved ones about how children’s mental health needs have affected their life. Coming in 2018.


Would you like us to speak at your event or work with your organization to host a storytelling workshop?