Storytelling for Healing, Storytelling for Justice

Mothers on the Frontline is founded and run by mothers of children with mental health challenges to promote Children’s Mental Health Justice through storytelling.

Our vision is a world in which mental health is destigmatized, respected and prioritized as an integral part of the overall health of individuals, families, and communities.

What is Children’s Mental Health Justice?

Our CMHJ framework treats mental health as a vital, integral part of the overall health and well-being of all children, families and communities. It considers biological, psychological, environmental, and social influences, as well as the structural violence caused by social, political and economic systems, that contribute to mental health and illness.

Children’s Mental Health Justice:

    • Requires an integrative approach to treatment and wellness.
    • Encompasses the full spectrum from mental well-being to severe mental illness.
    • Is restorative rather than punitive, collaborative rather than behaviorist, and has as its goal wellbeing and agency rather than compliance to power.
    • Is inter-relational and interdependent rather than individualistic.
    • Values the lived experiences of children, families and caregivers as providing indispensable knowledge and wisdom necessary to articulate needed change.
    • Actively involves children, caregivers, and families in creating restorative and collaborative systems, including:
      • Educational Systems
      • Health Care Systems
      • Human Service Systems
      • Justice Systems
      • Legal Systems
      • Community Systems

What We Do

  • Help communities and organizations develop storytelling skills among its members for advocacy, healing, and justice.
  • Normalize discussions about children’s mental health justice by offering a platform for mothers and other central caregivers to share their stories and help caregivers know that they are not alone.
  • Make first-person stories available to help policymakers, community organizers, and the public better understand how mental health intersects with other aspects of a child’s and family’s life.
  • Help mental health advocacy organizations improve their community outreach and support through storytelling workshops and trainings.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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