A Iowa Mother talks about raising a young son with Tourette Syndrome, the importance of building relationships and community for support and the importance of self-care. JAM003

In this episode, Emily talks about her journey raising a young son with Tourette’s Syndrome. She talks about the importance of community building on many levels, including strengthening relationships within the family and marriage, her church, her son’s school, and the larger community. By educating those in their lives about Tourette’s Syndrome, her son can be himself and feel part of a supportive and understanding community. She also discusses the importance of intentional planning of self-care and ways to make it happen.

Topics include: Tourette’s Syndrome, Self-Care, Family, Community, Advocating for your child at school.

For a transcript of this episode, go to https://MothersOnTheFrontline.com/podcast-transcripts/

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