MOTFL Episode 32: Punitive Frameworks Part I: Conversation Between Friends Series #4

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In this episode we discuss the policy frameworks and philosophical assumptions underneath current punitive systems including policing and schools. (We will continue this discussion next week and look at some promising new frameworks that are currently emerging that could move us beyond a paradigm of coercion and compliance.)


IEP – Individualized Education Plan – the document that determines the accommodations and supports for a particular student in special education.

Ontology – theory of being, framework of what entities exist or how to categorize what exists.

Just Ask Mom Episode 11

Lotus Flower Logo: Just Ask Mom Podcast Series Produced by Mothers on the Frontline.

In this episode, we listen to a mother of three children with mental health diagnoses who works as a Family Partner with North Carolina Families United. She discusses the barriers families face when trying to get their children services and her own experience of moving her family to another county in order to get mental health services for her child.